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Careers in English Language

English is a universal language and is also the most spoken language globally. Countries like China and India have started teaching the English language to elementary school level students itself so that it may help them employed in foreign countries once they finish their higher studies. If you want to start a career, look for resume writing for middle students in order to get competitive CV.

To start your career as an English teaching staff in schools, then you need to have at least a bachelor degree in English. If you want to be an English teaching staff in universities then you need to have a master of philosophy degree in English language, salary will be generally in the range of 30,000 to 70,000 rupees for people working in universities and colleges. English speaking professionals can also get a job in Government organizations like the tourism department, foreign ministry, etc. If you consider tourism department officials, they need to bring in more foreign tourists to our country to boost up the country’s economy and increase India’s value globally. Mainly tourists will be from countries like UK and USA where English will be their country’s national language.

English speaking professionals can also work as translators and interpreters. Many Asian people are doing jobs offered (often outsourced jobs) by North American companies. These jobs are mainly grouped into three categories. 1 — software-related jobs, 2 — data entry jobs and finally 3 — customer service jobs (call centers).


Those people who need to work in the software field have to learn a programming language (programming language itself will be in English only). Translators and interpreters are mainly needed for data entry jobs, translators and interpreters used to be paid on an hourly basis, some could even earn in thousands per hour if they are really talented in the English language.

People working in call centers and business process outsourcing firms (BPOs) need to converse well in English with foreign clients, so persons who want to join in these profession needs to learn English very well. These career opportunities indicate that the English language plays a vital role in supporting professional’s career. So many people will consider the English language as a key parameter to get them employed in jobs. Setting up an institute to teach the English language itself will bring in more students.